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Value-Added Assembly

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Manufacturing Solutions

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  • 35+ Coil fed presses from 100-2,500 tons
  • 20+ hand-fed, secondary presses from 50-1,500 tons
  • Various transfer systems and press automation solutions designed to create delivered value to our customers
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  • State of the art fiber lasers
  • Press brakes
  • Welding
  • Induction Brazing
  • Industry leading heat transfer tube bundle automation
  • Unique fabrication solutions designed to deliver unprecedented quality and value
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Value-Added Assembly

  • Complex power generation modules
  • Heat transfer components
  • Heavy highway HSLA chassis assemblies
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  • Direct to consumer component packaging
  • Vision systems to validate 100% of kitting contents
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Value-Added Solutions

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Guaranteed Value & Quality

We produce world-class quality products, driving down cost of ownership.

At New Standard we make our goal to provide the most cost-effective solutions without compromising world class quality. We deliver a process designed to meet our customer’s needs, from design through distribution. We continuously pursue improvements in our materials, technologies, and purchased services directly impacting your cost of ownership.

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Uncompromised Collaboration

New Standard delivers solutions for our customers, with our customers. A partnership for us means transparent communication, understanding of our resources and solving problems. We work with our customers to expose unarticulated needs; we are not looking to become another name on your bid list.

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Supply Chain Complexity Made Simple

Our supply chain expertise delivers on the toughest requirements. We manage all types of materials and handle multiple components and parts every day. Our goal is always to simplify your operations by keeping a dynamic supply chain. Our team of experts will work with you to truly understand your needs and find solutions to your supply chain problems.

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Manufacturing by Design

All of our services are integrated under one operation, which allows us to transform your engineering concepts into reality. Our in-house engineers work on all phases of the business to improve ease of manufacturing and find the most cost-effective processes to develop your product. New Standard seamlessly integrates our processes with your operations, becoming part of your supply chain.

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