OEM Solutions for Mining Equipment Manufacturers

Our components and assemblies go into the equipment that is used to explore and harvest fuels that provide energy to power the world every day.

New Standard Corporation understands that mining is a complex industry with complex machinery. Mining equipment manufacturers within the industry require custom engineering and manufacturing solutions, making New Standard the premier choice for industry leaders. Our engineering team works with mining equipment manufacturers like you to develop and design components, while our production team brings your vision to life with integrated, custom manufacturing. Our design-to-production process enables mining equipment manufacturers to produce parts and components more efficiently, reducing costs, increasing speed to market and ensuring a quality product.

New Standard can produce your components and assemblies, such as:

  • Advanced hydraulic circuit cooling systems and components
  • Material handling components
  • Marine propulsion and directional systems
  • Surface and underground mining equipment
  • Rotary mining drills
  • Large-capacity mining trucks
  • Hydraulic mining shovels