Overhead Door

“We do business with New Standard because it makes sense for us. Competitive pricing, world class service, excellent bandwidth to cover the majority of our metal needs. New Standard doesn’t just offer a quote and then supply a product.

They spend the right amount of time truly understanding our product, the product application, what we’re doing today, what we’re planning for the future, and how it may affect our customers. During launch of a new generation product, their design team made specific design recommendations that saved us cash in the “2 comma” range. They continue to bring that design influence to bear as our products move through their life cycle. They have the bandwidth to offer us a low “total cost of ownership” solution for our design support, metal stamping, fabrication, and subassembly needs.”

Overhead Door VP

Danfoss Scroll Technologies LLC

Many years ago, New Standard helped us solve a huge issue. Our metal stamping supplier at the moment announced on a short notice it was closing its doors due to financial troubles. Our product required a contract manufacturer with significant resources. The new supplier was required to have a healthy financial status, equipment, available capacity, supply chain strength, engineering resources, and a good reputation. Our search began mid-fall and needed to be transitioned within a few short months. New Standard came up into our scope due to its good reputation in the industry; also they met our immediate needs with urgency and were highly competitive. Their team transitioned our business into their culture over a few short weeks, including weekends, holidays, many meetings, and extended stays at our facility with our team. It was a smart move. New Standard has been a great business partner. They have maintained and improved upon our original product, continuing to serve the ebbing volumes associated with mature product life. They have balanced and managed a large supply chain to keep us competitive and meet our seasonal and economic shifts. Most importantly they had the desire and resources to help us develop next generation products. Their technical expertise combined with what they learned from improving our existing product brought huge innovation to the new offering. Our mutual teams drove a highly successful, smoothly implemented, highly touted, product launch with huge cost savings benefits. They continue to work with us today, through customer action teams, our own Full Purchasing Potential programs, Kaizen events, and other continuous improvement methods. We chose New Standard to receive a “Best Supplier” award at our 2009 Global Purchasing Summit in Beijing China.

Javier Mendez
Purchasing Manager,
Danfoss Scroll Technologies LLC

Parker Hannifin Corporation

New Standard Corporation was exceptional in the process of assisting Parker Hannifin Corporation in the development of a new assembly used in several of our products. Their expertise as a sounding board during the development, evaluation, pre-production and production stages was greatly appreciated by our engineering and supply chain personnel. New Standard provided technical expertise, but also proved to be an asset during the commercialization phase with their willingness to automate the process to meet the price point that was needed. The project was enjoyable because it was a win-win for both organizations. I would highly recommend New Standard Corporation for your stamping and machining needs.

Doug Gildehaus
Sporlan Division,
Product Manager-Contaminant Control Products