Trico – Honda

Load Up to Production

Client: Trico – Honda

Trico was having issues with the primary retainer wiper component for the US and Chinese version of the Honda Accord. Trico had been purchasing the part from one of New Standard’s competitors where die maintenance issues has resulted in poor product quality, high scrap rates, and reduced product output. An additional operation had been added to the retainers to help improve the quality and rejection rate.


The Die was relocated to New Standard, who had been a long time supplier of precision wiper components to Trico. Within two weeks, New Standard engineers and toolmakers had corrected many of the issues with the tooling and eliminated the extra operation. Within one month after receiving the tool, further enhancements were made to the die that significantly decreased the cosmetic quality issues.


Production from the previous supplier was scrapped and replaced by New Standard production due to the significantly improved cosmetic conditions of the parts.